A data scientist blog, by Philippe Dagher

Metis Discourse

You will find below snapshots from what I learned and practiced during 12 weeks of Metis Data Science Bootcamp.

I will be organizing soon in Paris, afterwork sessions for persons who are curious about Data Science and eager to learn without being afraid of getting their hands dirty.

If you are interested in attending these sessions (starting June 2015), please e-mail me at - the idea is to walk you through these materials so you will be able to tackle on your own great machine learning challenges from your own business experience.

See you soon…

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Metis is an immersive, 12 weeks Data Science bootcamp in New York City. Datascope Analytics - the course instructors and curriculum architects from Chicago, have created a program that includes full-time, in-person instruction of concepts such as Python, Git, Machine Learning, NoSQL databases, and Data Visualization.