Luther // w3d4

Winter 2015

Planned schedule and activities

9:00 am: Coffee and the realization that presentations are tomorrow

10:00 am: Matplotlib

10:15 am: Work time

11:00 am: Hypothesis testing examples

11:15 am: Work time

12:00 pm: Eat something

1:30 pm: Work time

5:00 pm: Home time

Lecture Notes

2013_movies.csv (7.6 KB)

w3d3_Interactive_Matplotlib_Plotters_Demo.ipynb (4.5 KB)

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Matplotlib documentation on event handling

To easily make your matplotlib graphs more beautiful, you can use seaborn:

import seaborn as sns

(Of course you will have to install it first)

pip install seaborn

More on hypothesis testing

Scipy has functions for many hypothesis tests