McNulty // w5d5

Winter 2015

Planned schedule and activities

9:00 am: Coffee and waking up

9:15 am: Deep Learning / Neural Networks

10:45 am: break

11:00 am: Max Shron guest speaker

12:00 pm: Friday Food

1:30 pm: Challenges/Project work time

3:00 pm: Kernels (and approximation)

3:30 pm: Challenges/Project/work time (beer time for some people I think)

5:00 pm: Go home already

Lecture Notes

Deep Learning Slides

Restricted Boltzmann Machine iPython Notebook (12.4 KB)

Kernel Slides


Easy to follow youtube lecture series on neural networks
Short intro to perceptrons and neural networks

pylearn2 multilayer perceptron intro and demonstration
Pylearn2 in practice
neurolab example

Intro to Restricted Boltzmann Machines
Restricted Boltzmann Machines Math


Next week is all about d3. In case any of you want to jump ahead and look around the meadows you'll find yourself in next week, you can try starting with one of these two excellent tutorial sets:

Scott Murray's d3 Tutorials (This guy wrote the book on d3. Literally.)

Dashing d3 (Great set of tutorials by Sebastian Gutierrez)