McNulty // w7d1

Winter 2015

Planned schedule and activities

9:00 am: Post-Oscar coffee

9:15 am: Web apps! Today we'll be learning/doing web apps with a python backend.

Setting up your cloud droplet for Flask

sudo apt-get install python-sklearn
sudo apt-get install python-pip
sudo pip install flask
sudo pip install watchdog

Lecture Notes

The codes for both the intro example and the cancer predictor app are in your repo:


How do websites work? What are web apps?
(This neat little presentation starts very simple and step by step introduces every aspect of website infrastructure and it would be a good idea to read it before today's tutorial if this is new to you)

What is an HTTP Request

Introduction to REST APIs
(14 minute video presentation by Google Developers. Very useful.)

HTTP Requests (GET and POST)

List of HTTP Response Status Codes

Flask Documentation

Web App Challenge

Make your own web app!

5:00 pm: Go home