Fletcher // w8d1

Winter 2015

Planned schedule and activities

9:00 am: I may or may not have drunk 15 coronas last night

9:15 am: Moar Unsupervised Learning: Other Clustering Algorithms

11:00 am: Additional Unsupervised Learning Challenges

12:00 pm: Lunch

1:30 pm: Fletcher!

5:00 pm: Free as a bird

Lecture Notes

Slides for Other Clustering Algorithms


Hierarchical Clustering
Hierarchical Clustering Tutorial
Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering with different linkages
Mean Shift
Mean Shift Math
Spectral Clustering
Spectral Clustering Math

Clustering overview in sklearn
Cluster Analysis

Euclidean Distance
Manhattan Distance
Cosine Distance
Jaccard Distance
Scipy distance metrics list

Unsupervised Learning Challenges 2

Use the same code for your previous clustering challenges. Repeat each challenge (except the inertia curves, since only the KMeans implementation gives a quick way of calculating that.) However, this time, try (both) Agglomerative Clustering and DBSCAN instead of KMeans. For text clustering, use cosine distance.