Fletcher // w8d2

Winter 2015

Planned schedule and activities

9:00 am: Coffee and maybe some decent food.

9:15 am: Dimensionality Reduction

10:15 am: Work time

12:00 pm: Food time

1:30 pm: Work time

5:00 pm: Speaker: Dan Valente, Chartbeat. LinkedIn Profile

6:00 pm: Not much

6:30 pm: Optional: Metis meetup right here at WeWork: Data Science: Disrupting the Financial Services Industry

Lecture Notes

Dimensionality Reduction Slides (1.5 MB)


Curse of Dimensionality in Classification
Curse of Dimensionality (Wikipedia)
Curse of Dimensionality (Quora)

PCA and dimensionality reduction 4 dummies
Step by step PCA math in Python