Fletcher // w8d3

Winter 2015

Planned schedule and activities

9:00 am: Coffee and not pizza

9:15 am: Topic Modeling

10:15 am: Work time

12:00 pm: Eating time

12:30 pm: Broad Church Season 2 Episode 2

1:00 pm: Ice Cream Social!

1:30 pm: Guest Speaker: Jeff Reback

2:30 pm: Work time

5:00 pm: Home time

Lecture Notes

Slides for Topic Modeling (522.1 KB)


Topic Models (Wikipedia)
This also has links to other main topic modeling algorithms:

How does LDA work?
This is a pretty good explanation, I really recommend reading it

LDA Math

gensim tutorial for working with corpora
gensim tutorial for tfidf and topic modeling
gensim LDAModel